Room details

Located on the city-side of the building, you will enjoy a view of the historic Jinya. Of the three room types available at Bekkan Annex, this type is the most economical one.

Since there is only one room of this type per floor, if you reserve more than one room of this type they will necessarily be separated by different floors. In other words, it is impossible to have two city-view rooms as adjoining rooms.

These Japanese-style rooms provide the finest, most authentic atmosphere. 

For those guests who are non-smokers and do not appreciate or tolerate the slightest trace of smoke smell, please ask for our highly effective deodorization service in advance, preferably when you make your reservation.

The maximum occupancy is three adult guests. 

At night, the low tables are removed and traditional futons, a Japanese-style bedding, are laid in their places, allowing the guests to experience Japanese tradition as they rest for the night.

The basic plan is half board, meaning your stay comes with both dinner and breakfast. More than anything else it is half board plan that makes ryokan a truly traditional Japanese inn.

Furthermore, unlike the conventional hotels, your room comes with your own personal guest attendant, who will not only serve you ryokan's specialty dinner dishes dish by dish in your room, but can be fully counted upon to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

For more details please take the time to read our website page "Why Stay at a Ryokan?" and learn more about the critical difference between staying at a ryokan and a hotel.

Max guests 3
Bed type(s) 3 futon beds
Room size 20 m²