1.Petit Reflexology: 3,500 JPY / 30 minutes

2.Regular Reflexology: 6,500 JPY / 60 minutesStimulation of a pressure the points at the sole and the aroma massage below the knee.

4. Special Facial: 10,000 JPY / 60 minutesFacial massage by hands.

5. Anti aging Facial "珀" (HAKU): 12,000 JPY / 60 minutesJapanese Method.Moisturize by using Japanese cosmetics which includes Gamma linolenic acid.

7. Leg oil massage: 4,500 JPY / 30 minutesFrom toe to thigh with our special aroma oil

8. Back Oil Massage: 4,500 JPY / 30 minutesBack includes your shoulder with our special aroma oil.

9. Head Pressure Therapy: 4,500 JPY / 30 minutesPress the line of the meridian of the head and the decollete massage with our special aroma oil.*Come after drying hair before a surgical operation.

10. The Whole Body Oil Massage: 9,000 JPY / 60 minutesWe will heal your legs, back, arms and the decollete with our special aroma oil.

11. Lymph Treatment Massage "環" (MEGURI): 12,000 JPY / 60 minutes; 15,500 JPY / 90 minutes (Including mini-reflexology)The whole body massage with our special aroma oil.

12. The Whole Body & Facial Massage: 15,500 JPY / 90minutesWe will heal your legs, back and arms with our special aroma oil and also the facial cleansing, massage and facial mask.

13. Special Body & Facial "奏" (SOU): 29,000 JPY / 120 minutesJapanese MethodLymph treatment including reflexology, head, decollete massage and version-up-pack.